About Yokomoda US

Each one of Yokomoda U.S. unique designs is made leveraging Gioconda (Yoko) Briones extensive experience, creativity and imagination. The designs are made specifically for that woman of discerning taste that wants to look elegantly and uniquely dressed for their special occasion. Yoko says: “There are no ugly women, there are only women who are ignored, every woman has her beauty, her personal seduction, one in the eye, another in the smile, those special features are enhanced through the stroke and wear of haute couture with a unique design that highlights the individual’s beauty. that is what we bring to you…. That is Yoko Fashion!

Yoko Briones has worked in the high fashion field for the last 27 years in her native Ecuador. She is known there for her talent in creating unique and elegant designs from the initial; sketching, development of the patterns and then creating, with beautiful textures and colors, a final product that highlights the beauty of the women that wears it for that special event.

Offer personalized, elegant, and unique, haute couture fashion designs based on our originality, inspiration and expertise that enhances the beauty of our customers

To be recognized as one of the U.S. leading provider of haute couture dress that provides our customers with unique positive experiences at their special occasions. We will accomplish this by offering a variety of products and styles at affordable prices and with guaranteed quality and elegance that enhances the natural beauty each woman possesses.